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WeatherBug widget


The WeatherBug® widget delivers real-time, neighborhood-level weather information to your Android device home screen. Enjoy quick and easy access to the world’s largest weather network and stay safer with the fastest weather alerts!WeatherBug helps you Know Before™ with these awesome features:
• Current temperature with weather condition icon
• Feels Like temperature
• Daily hi/lo temperatures
• Weather alerts
• Accurate forecasts up to 5 days out
• Access to for more weather details & content like animated radar maps, Spark™ lightning alerts, weather news and more
• Multiple widget sizes
• Weather forecasts for multiple locations all around the world
• Support for both Celsius and Fahrenheit
Be prepared. Know Before™. For longer-term forecasts, lifestyle forecasts and much more, please download the FREE WeatherBug app for Android:

Note: This is a widget, not an application. After downloading and installing, press and hold on any free space on the home screen to add. If you have the WeatherBug widget already on your device, the widget will simply update to the new one.